Past Meetings


2008 Meeting Information

At the Biomedical Science Tower South at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School

Meeting Host: Dr. Roberta Ness ([email protected])
Harry Feldman Lecture: Dr. Katherine Flegal
Alexander Langmuir Lecture: Dr. Garry Kerr

Abstract deadline: January 7, 2008
Deadline for nomination of new members: January 18, 2008

Meeting Abstract

Guideline for Preparation of Abstracts

Papers should be on a general epidemiologic subject rather than a narrow topic.

Every abstract should stand by itself. It should not include such statements as “are discussed,” “studies were made of,” or “data are given on.” The abstract should summarize succinctly information that would go into a scientific article. It should contain specific facts including:

  1. a statement of the problem
  2. a description of what was done
  3. the results
  4. the significance of the study
  5. the conclusion

The abstract is the only information that the meeting organizers have upon which to make a judgment as to the merits of the paper for inclusion on the program of the Society. Additionally, abstracts are printed in the minutes of the meeting and serve as documentation of the scientific program.

Mail or e-mail abstracts to:

American Epidemiological Society
University of California, Berkeley
School of Public Health – Epidemiology
140 Warren Hall – MC 7360
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
Email: [email protected]

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